"Seem kinda hungry there. Eat lead! Eat it fatty!" -Flanker Domination Brute

The Pistol or The Hi-Power, is a semi-automatic pistol designed by John Browning and completed by Fabrique Nationale. The Hi-Power is chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W cartridges. It is still being produced to this day.

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The Pistol is the stock secondary weapon for the Flanker and Mechanic, it is used for finishing off low health enemies, picking off enemies at longer ranges or as a backup weapon when out of ammo. A good flanker would conserve their ammo for picking off enemies or destroying Sentry Guns, however the Mechanic has 200 reserve clips allowing him to freely spam an area to agent-check or spam at an enemy.

Unlike its counter part in Arsenal, the Hi-power, it is extremely accurate.


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In-game, the Hi-Power is a quick, above-average weapon firing from a 13-round magazine, acting as a better version of the M1911. Players can expect to kill in two shots to the head at all ranges, and can always expect a 4-shot kill at the most extreme of distances. The weapon quickly reloads from average magazine capacity, helping to ensure minimal downtime between magazine dumps. As with other pistols, rapidly firing the Hi-Power will increase the weapon's spread to a point that it is nearly unusable at longer ranges if you spam it.

Unit 1968: Vietnam

The Hi-Power is a pistol exclusive to the U.S. Marines. It is a well rounded pistol, sharing the same capacity as its Russian counterpart, the Tokarev. It has little recoil, the highest capacity for the pistols, but deals less damage.

Pros And Cons


  • High accuracy.
  • High firerate.
  • Medium spread.
  • Low recoil.


  • Low damage.


  • Fast rate of fire.
  • High maximum headshot damage.
  • Fast reload, as shared with the pistols of the game.
  • Somewhat large magazine capacity.


  • High spread when spammed.
  • Magazine easily expended to a quick rate of fire.


  • The Hi-Power has the same model as the pistol, just with a recoloring on the handle.

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