• I live in A Hole In My Backyard
  • My occupation is Being Stupid In My Hole In The Backyard
  • I am GOD

Hello, I'm 0902david (weird name don't ask why lol) a Roblox Developer, Gamer , and Wiki Editor. I used Roblox since 2013 and played since till now and used fandom for a while. I do not accept random friend requests on roblox unless if you're someone I know or played with. Well hopefully roblox is a right game for you. :D

Apps Username Used Since
Roblox cookieman910 2013
Roblox Studio cookieman910 2015
Discord Some_IdioticNeopoleon 2017
Steam Dogefam910 2017
Twitch Ze_PaperBag 2018
Google+ Some_CookieSnatcher Rip 2019
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